On 3 June we will have our last ever Submerge event. Come and join us one last time to celebrate 6 great years of drum & bass!

When we (Joost & Tom) started Submerge in 2011, we did so because we felt there was a gap in the Groninger drum & bass scene. Sure, brilliant parties like Machtig and Break-Fast were available, but other than these bimonthly events there was nothing to cater for a scene which was (and is) ever growing. Our goal was to fill that gap, charging a low entry fee, to make sure that everyone with a love for the music could come and join us on their regular Saturday night out.

Lower ticket price also meant lower threshold for new people to come and check out this drum & bass thing, and we hoped to introduce a younger (and sometimes older) audience to the music we hold so dear.

We also wanted to give a regular stage to local up-and-coming DJs and producers, who otherwise had to be lucky enough to grab an occasional opening slot at a big-name Machtig or Break-Fast event.

Over the years we had the pleasure of booking some great headliners as well, sometimes (at that time) up-and-coming artists, sometimes awesome established names that we were lucky enough to meet and play alongside – including Maduk, Stray & Halogenix (later of Ivy Lab), Hybrid Minds, NCT, Joe Ford, Blu Mar Ten, BCee, June Miller, Fre4knc, Posij, Lenzman, LSB, and many more.

Now, 6 years and 60 editions later, our lives have caught up with us and we realise that we can’t commit to our event in the way that we feel we should. Luckily there’s a whole new group of people we’re happy to pass the torch to, and we know they’re more than equipped to carry on bringing you your regular d&b fix in the Groningen nightlife.

We wanted to end Submerge with some of our closer friends who’ve been there from the beginning, so we thought we’d give a shitload of people half an hour to close up shop with us. But in addition to a bunch of old friends, we are also happy to welcome Lai Fai all the way from Hong Kong! One final international guest to headline the last Submerge.

Huge thanks to the Subsonic crew, and to everyone who came to our events and all the DJs who made them happen!